Whipser Lets You Customize Featured Title Area

The Featured Title Area is the section of a post or a page where page title, subtitle and breadcrumbs are displayed.

In Whisper theme, you can 100% customize it to make it more beautiful, that includes:

  • Set custom title (optional): By default Whisper display post/page title, but you can customize the real title shown in Featured Title Area. It’s useful when you have a very long title.
  • Set custom subtitle (optional)
  • Choose custom background (optional): If you choose an image, it will be used as the background for Featured Tittle Area. If you don’t, Whisper will use default image.
  • Hide breadcrumbs (optional): The theme already has settings to show/hide breadcrumbs side-wide. But if you want to hide breadcrumbs for a specific post/page, you can select this option.

This page is an example of Custom Featured Title Area.

Tips: SubtlePatterns is a good resource to find background patterns!

Custom Featured Title Area