Easily Build Pages With Our Advanced Shortcode Generator!

The Whisper theme is bundled with powerful shortcodes that you can customize your page content in thousand ways!

With Whisper Shortcode Generator, there is a shortcode for anything you need, and they allow you to create so many different page layouts. Users can quickly and easily built their own custom pages using all the various shortcodes that Whisper includes. Just about any element you see on our demo is a shortcode that you can insert on any page. Several shortcodes have numerous options for customization. There are endless options to choose from! Easily create your own pages by using our shortcodes, tons of possibilities and we add more all the time!

Good samples of shortcodes are homepages and other pages in this demo. They’re all created with shortcodes! No need to remember shortcode attributes, all is done via a friendly interface. To know more about each shortcode, check them on the Shortcodes dropdown menu or the list on the right.

Shortcode Generator